NASDAQ Inside Trader Review – Software SCAM debunked!

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NASDAQ Inside Trader Review – Software SCAM debunked!

IMPORTANT NASDAQ INSIDE TRADER REVIEW: NASDAQ Inside Trader Software is perhaps the worst scam ever in the history of Binary Options Trading software. They offer each member an average daily profit of $7,342 and promise to make you a millionaire within about six months. NASDAQ Inside Trader Binary Option Robot overwhelming offers are highly ludicrous and in line with the typical software frauds we have seen in the past only that this particular one is much crazier. Imagining making a profit of $6,000 a day or $180,000 a month and at what cost- no work or time input, no basic knowledge of the business but just involves pressing a few buttons. Surely, it’s going to get you wondering what you are waiting for and you have not signed up already. That is exactly how the minds behind this scam want you to think. Please do not because it’s just a big trap. These mouth-watering offers serve the purpose of luring people to get singed up quickly and eventually lose all their investments. NASDAQ Inside Trader software is a dangerous scam and should be avoided at all cost.


Nasdaq Inside Trader Review

NASDAQ Inside Trader Review

Who is Alex Steve?

Alex Steve is just a voice of a fictitious character hiding behind the screen .The only proof of his existence is the video on the website and nothing else yet he claims to have been an inside trader for NASDAQ. He allegedly resigned from a very high paying job to pursue this project and also left with some secrets while doing so. This is really silly and of course not a new technique because we have seen the likes of this ‘voice’ in previous scams. They are nothing but constructed lies.

He claims that in the past eighteen (18) months, he has made up to thirty four people millionaire and is out to change more lives. This is truly a sick story because from our investigation, the Nasdaq Inside Trader domain got registered just this year, 2016 and before then, no one knew anything about this software so how was it even possible to have made millionaires out of it. Yeah right! All lies! Unless he has some sort of magical powers, these are all fabricated lies. See Below

Nasdaq Inside Trader

He further adds that he would give $2,000 bonus to anyone who registers in three minutes. Wow! $2,000 practically for a dash! Please note that nobody will give you such a bonus in binary option industry without some strings attached. This strategy is employed to make you get registered quickly so that they can rob you off your money as fast as possible before the real truth is exposed.
Even if it is really a bonus, you will need to understand how these bonuses work. Once you decide to accept the bonus, they will get you trapped and you will be restrained from withdrawing your money unless you reach a particular trading volume. The idea behind is to encourage you to deposit more money and perform more trades under the delusion of getting the so-called bonus till you eventually lose all your money and get scammed.

How does this software really works

Alex Steve did not give us even the slightest idea on how this NASDAQ Inside Trader works. He spent the whole time sharing his fantasies on making us millionaires rather than saying how the software really works. This is very typical of these stupid scams as they often go on talking trash while disguising the real information we need to know.
He only says he holds some secrets which he got by virtue of being a former Insider Trader at NASDAQ. Even if this were true, it is highly illegal and engagement in such act could demand a jail time and freezing of one’s account. He is definitely nothing but a fraudster and we really don’t think you would like to get involved in this.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Software

He also says that the NASDAQ Inside Trader does not lose any trade which means it operates with an accuracy of 100%. From our years of experience in the Binary Option Industry, we chose to ignore and refer to people who come out to say such as clowns. This is because we are as well 100% sure it is not possible. There is no auto trading software in existence that can predict the direction of market prices with a 100% accuracy, so don’t even listen to them and always remember that money never comes this easy.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam

Fake testimonials

Just as expected, there are no real millionaires or beneficiaries to testify about NASDAQ Inside Trader so they resolve to hiring fake members and paid actors to do the job. The people that gave those testimonials are paid actors from an online market place where people render several services for a relatively cheap price. There is obviously nothing real about this software.

Review Verdict : Nasdaq Inside Trader is a SCAM

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In summary, NASDAQ Inside Trader is fraudulent software run by devious peoples who are very desperate to steal your money. There is not a single truth in their claims so if you invest with them, they will only claim your money and make a quick disappearance. And besides, we don’t think NASDAQ company, as big as it would want its name to be associated with such scandal so this scam will not last for a long period. Please avoid this software and go only the genuine ones.

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