HFT Finance Review – SCAM HFT Finance Group Software Exposed!

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HFT Finance Review – SCAM HFT Finance Group Software Exposed!

HFT Finance software is one of the latest scam software in the market and should be avoided. Although it may appear promising when you take a brief look at it at first, but when we dug deeply, we realized that HFT Finance Binary Option Robot is a fraudulent scheme, it is nothing but a flop.

HFT Finance App is exactly what it is, a miserable scam and not different from the other scams we have reviewed in the past. It holds no prospective riches for you other than frustration and regrets.

The software HFT Finance is a new Binary Option auto trading software created and presented to the public by a man called John Williams. John Williams claims to be the founder and CEO of the company HFT Finance Group that owns the software. According to him, he has a team of professional brokers who know the nooks and crannies around the Wall Street Exchange trading and works in collaboration with them.visit-trusted-siteHFT Finance

HFT Finance Review

We cannot certainly say this man is for real and if you take a close look, you will see that the background of the video is not even real but merely picture. And also judging from his words and the way he presents himself, he doesn’t seem to understand what he is saying. We can tell this from our experience because we have seen the likes of him in the past who know exactly nothing about Binary Option but stick to the script given to them.

Is the company HFT Finance for real?

John Williams claims that his company is well recognized and is worth millions of dollars. He even went as far as saying that the HFT Finance group company has been featured in renowned financial media agencies. We find this really hilarious because this company in question holds a popularity which only exists in their delusions. The HFT Finance does not exist as long as binary option is concerned. And just as expected, the company wasn’t mention in any financial medial agency. They are all advances to gain your trust and make you invest in them.

What is the HFT Finance Software all about?

John Williams says they were inclined to build their software based on the known high frequency Trading. He doesn’t give an explicit explanation on how it works or the strategy is uses. So we practically have no idea on how the HFT Finance software works except for the words that come out of the mouth of a man who already lies about the existence of his company. How can we believe him?

Is the winning rate of 98.6% feasible?

The answer is NO! John Williams guarantees a winning accuracy rate of 98.6% and we find this preposterous. There is not such robot in existence, not even the most experienced trader can maintain or guarantee a winning rate of 90% not to mention 98.6% and even coming from a robot with artificial intelligence.
HFT Finance also guarantee a monthly profit of $15,000 even with the minimum deposit. Pleases do not fall for these lies because even an expert in binary option does not earn up to this. For a professional to earn this amount, it is going to take a lot of time, monitoring , investments and risks. So do not believe people when they come around to tell you that they can make you a millionaire in no time just by pressing some buttons with a little investment, no work input or basic knowledge at all. They are simply liars and will only rip you off your hard earned money.HFT Finance Review

Fake testimonials and Bonus

This is not a new method as we have seen a lot of it. HFT Finance does not make nor have any real profits to show so they resolve in producing fake ones. The testimonials on the website are unreal, just like the company itself. The HFT Finance testimonials come from stolen and stock pictures on the internet with fake names and these people have no connection with binary option trading. see proof below.
So here is the big question, why would a company like HFT Finance (which of course doesn’t exist) that claims to be big and legit put up stupid lies. It is because they are fraudulent, have no integrity and only fabricate these stories to exploit you.

HFT Finance SCAMvisit-trusted-site

HFT Finance also claim they offer bonuses as much as your investment. We know the trick and exactly how it works. This is practically a trap to make you deposit more money. These bonuses though they look appealing, usually come with crazy conditions which you really have to understand before accepting. If you do not keep to the end of these conditions, which is spending up a certain amount, you will be restrained from withdrawing your money.

Review Verdict : HFT Finance is a scam! Stay away from this fraudulent scheme.

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In conclusion,

HFT Finance auto trading software is nothing but a fraud built on a foundation of falsehood. Apparent nothing is true in all their claims so when you invest with them, you will only end up losing all your investments. Genuine software does not need to fake testimonials or tell lies concerning how it works; its quality should speak for itself. We would not recommend this software to you because there are no prospects of your becoming successful with it.

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