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Binary Options Robot Auto Trading Software Review

Binary Option Robot Auto Trading Software Scam or Legit!

Authentic Binary Option Robot investigation!

Binary Options Robot ReviewOver the last few years, Binary options has made significant impact in the lives of many investors and with the intervention of auto trading robot, things couldn’t have been more beautiful. Now the binary option isn’t just restricted or falls in favor for experts or people with detailed foundation knowledge in the business only, but also open to people who know close to nothing about it. So irrespective of your profession or knowledge about the Binary Option industry, you can successfully partake in it as a trader and make your profits. Thanks to the Binary Options Robot.

We pride ourselves to be quality inclined in our dealings which is exactly why we conceived the decision to present this Binary Option Robot auto trading robot to you. Binary options Robot is by far considered as the forefront leader in the automated trading system. Its uniqueness and outstanding features have unarguably given it its remarkable reputation and also it is considered to be very reliable.

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Binary Options Robot Review

How safe is Binary Options Robot?

Binary Options Robot is scam free so rests assure your trades are in safe hands. It is fully automated. Although it is not 100% accurate, a score no existing software can give you, it however provides you with an accurate winning rate of up to 85%.
Binary Options Robot is licensed under EU regulations and provides you with only the regulated brokers in the industry. You therefore have your interest and safety all protected and can safely trade using this platform, without the fear of being scammed.

Robot DashboardBinary Options Robot platform

How does Binary Options Robot works?

The Binary Options Robot automated trading system operates by helping you place trades. However unlike Binary Options Robotso many auto traders out there in the market, Binary Options Robot works on a very sophisticated algorithm and employs the use of unique features which allows you to customize your trading parameters, in order to generate optimal signals. They include:

Reverse Trading. This is an ideal feature possessed by few to zero auto trading software. This feature allows you reverse your trade direction when you think that the Binary Options Robot is taking trades in wrong direction.

Stop Loss. When it comes to auto trading, this is an indisputable feature that an auto trader should possess. The Binary Options Robot allows you to select the maximum amount of your deposit the robot can loose in a day. Now you dont have to worry about your funds case the robot is in a loosing streak. The Binary Options Robot will stop automatically when it reaches your daily stop loss.

Risk level settings. This is an important feature offered to VIP Binary Options Robot users. Check the VIP section of this review.

These features have contributed largely to the success of the Binary Options Robot software. When you get signed up, you can make use of these trading parameters as a guiding tool for a successful trading experience.

With Binary Options Robot, you are absolutely in control of your business. You get to make the decisions on how you want to run your trades, the assets you wish to trade on, the value for each trade, the expiry and so on.

Trading account

A standard account exist which comes with a lot of interesting features for free however, it can be upgraded to a VIP account which has even more exciting features. With the main account, there are two important features which are aimed to help you manage your account and they are: maximum Daily Trades and Daily Stop Loss. The former helps to put a limitation to the number of trades to be executed per day while the later enables an efficient management of the trader’s investments.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

This account is an upgraded version of the basic account and comes with extra outstanding features to provide you with the optimal results. The VIP doesn’t have any monetary cost but is reserved as a bonus which lasts for a month following your first deposit with the Binary Options Robot. Subsequent YIP is  on a limited basis for any referrals made. In essence, to acquire a VIP account, you will need to refer the software via a link provided to you to another prospective investor. You and the new prospect will be given the free VIP account for a limited period of time. However to sustain this, you have to continually refer people.Binary Options Robot scam

Special features of the VIP account include:

Strategies: The ability to select up to four strategies in carrying out your trades. These are all profitable strategies with proven results.

Expiry Time: You can set your expiry time to which ever that suits you best that is; short term trading or long term trading i.e you have the ability to chose between 60 secs or daily trade time interval.

Risk level: Setting-this gives you a better chance of controlling your risk. There are four levels of risk to choose from; green being the lowest risk(level 1) and Red indicating the highest risk(Level 4). The lower the risk, lesser trades are placed and lower profit potential whereas, when there are higher risk, more trades are placed and higher the profits.

How to get started with the Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot has a very friendly user interface and you do not necessarily need to download any software as it is web based. It is very easy to get signed up, completely free and the whole process can be achieved within just a few minutes.
To register, you will need to fill the registration form provided on the website. Once this is done, you will be provided with a broker that suits your country and then you will also need to make a deposit into your account. After you have completed the process, you may decide to put on your robot and start to trades.

Binary Options Robot Brokers

Binary Options Robot offers only regulated brokers like 24option(Review) who are trustworthy and reliable. So you can confidently perform your trades with them. is a top CySEC regulated broker for EU traders.

Binary Options Robot Customer support

The customer care services are very much reliable and provide valuable information to investors who seek inquiries. There is also a live chat window which allows quick communication. So if you encounter any difficulty you can easily contact them for directions.

Pros                                                                                                                                 Cons
Best automated trading platform                                                                      No demo account
One month Free VIP Access
User friendly


Presently, there are so many binary options auto trading software in the market, scam software inclusive. But it is very important to note that just a few of them stand out of the rest and Binary Options Robot is a typical example of the few.

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