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Binary Robot 365 Review- Authentic Scam Investigation!

Binary Robot 365 Review.Binary Robot 365 was launched early 2016 and it was developed by a group of professionals who collectively put in their effort and were inclined to produce an innovative platform with a cutting-edge algorithmic system. Within just a few months, it has gained itself a reputable name in the binary option industry. But note that the Binary Robot 365 didn’t gain its popularity because of its name but rather because it upholds a very high standard, one we all hold dear to.

Binary Robot 365 Review

Binary Options industry has gained so much popularity over the last few years, with this year giving it its most popularity. Ever since its birth, there has been so many interventions to give assistance in trades and as time goes on, with the continuous development of the binary option industry, more interventions will be recognized.

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One of such intervention is the creation of Binary Option Robot auto trading robots. This development has indeed contributed hugely to the present growth and success of the industry as it has made it possible for everyone, including people with no basic knowledge on binary option or stock to participate and make a living on it. We can’t however talk about Binary Option Robot without mentioning Binary Robot 365.

Binary Robot 365.


Is Binary Robot 365 Scam?

Although there has been so many scam software in recent time, the good news is that genuine ones stand out of the rest. Binary Robot 365 is one of few existing auto trading robots that actually stands for integrity and provides a legitimate platform for trading. It is therefore our heartfelt privilege to present it to you.

The Binary Robot 365 offers so many unique features many others lack for example, aside from the auto trading signals, this platform also provides you with manual signals so you can decide to trade by yourself whenever you choose to.

Thoughts on Binary Robot 365

  • Binary Robot 365 is an automated system. This simply means that it can run on autopilot mode. However, traders who want to take control can use the manual trading feature. This means that users will be able to trade on their preferred signals.
  • The Binary Robot 365 algorithm places over 350 trades per week. This is simply groundbreaking since it means users will usually get nearly 40 to 50 per day.
  • Binary Robot 365 is a groundbreaking software developed with original technology used by European software developers back in 2014, and had the potential of making serious amount of money for its users.
  • Free upgrades.
  • No Secret Fees!
  • Multiple Signals at various times in a trading day.
  • 100%  free automated robot trading software.
  • If you don’t have the time to trade but still desires to make some extra profits while you do other things, then Binary Robot 365 is for you!

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Binary Robot 365

Advanced security facility

Binary Robot 365 gives optimal security to its investors. The website is SSL encrypted so you need not to worry about credit card overcharge as your details are encrypted in a very high security facility. They brokers are fully licensed and regulated by CySEC making it completely safe to use.
To add to this, the Binary Robot 355 recently won the AzBinary Options Award for ‘Best Auto Trading Robot 2016’.

How does the Binary Robot 356 works?

Binary Robot 365 helps you place trades with high winning probability. Unlike a lot of software in the market, Binary Robot 365 software gives you total control of trading and unless you set it to execute your trades, you investment remains intact.

With the Binary Robot 365, you have an environment where you can set your trades ranging from the amount per trade, the number of daily trades you would like to perform, the assets you would like to trade on and the expiry time to trade.

Also you also have the legitimate access to select the broker of your choice.  When this is done you can give it the go-ahead, sit back and watch your money grow.

Binary Robot 365 Management/trade system

Binary Robot 365 possesses some really essential tools which you can take advantage of. These tools have been put in place to help you manage your risk while your trades are executed. This is no doubt one aspect of automated trades most of us dread the most which raises the importance of this particular feature. They include:

Classic system-This is the regular system and we recommend it to the newbies in binary options. In this system, the amount per trade remains constant for every trade irrespective of the results (i.e. gains or losses). However, the gains or loses cannot go beyond the investment. It is the safest of the other systems.

Fibonacci System– Although this is slightly complicated, it is however more accurate relative to the other systems. It develops its bases from mathematical calculations following market trends with the anticipation that these trends will be repeated. It consists of a sequence that was adapted from Leonardo Fibonacci, a famous Italian Mathematician. In Fibonacci, trades follow a sequence and the next trade move will be determined by the result (gain/loss) of the previous trade. When a trade ends in a win, the amount gets reduced to the normal trade amount but when its ends in a loss, the amount of the consecutive trades rise continuously based on the sequence, until a there is a win. Once a successful trade is achieved it goes back to the normal trade amount.

Martingale– The Binary Robot 365 martingale was adapted from casino players and is the riskiest of the other systems. Despite this, it however gives you a better chance of making higher profits. Here, the robot begins initially with the fixed price but doubles continuously each time there is a loss in trade up until there is a win. So at the end, you will get to recover your investment. This should be reserved for professionals and people with large investments.

Binary Robot 365 Indicators

Binary Robot 365 scam

Aside from the indicators provided by Binary Robot 365 software, it also gives you the opportunity of customizing your own indicator strategy, thus you can choose to combine indicators for maximal results.

This we find extremely unique and should give you more reasons to go for it. These indications have made a lot of impacts to the success of Binary Robot 365 by generating high signals and have an accuracy of over 85%.

Binary Robot 365 Result

Binary Robot 365 despite being relatively new in the system has gained the trust of so many investments with a genuine average win-rate of 85%. See previous results below

Binary Robot 365 software

Note: Past results is not a guarantee of future result. The result you get depends on your settings, your choice of assets and broker liquidity.

How to get started with Binary Robot 365

Binary Robot 365 Review

It very easy and quick to get started with the Binary Robot 365. Binary Robot 365 is free and you don’t necessarily need to download any software.

All you have to do is to login into the, select a broker from the list of available brokers and make your deposit. You can then do your settings and put on auto trader.

Binary Robot 365 Brokers

Binary Robot 365 provides you with reputable brokers who are fully licensed and regulated by CySEC . This is very important in protecting your investment. Binary Robot 365 Brokers

Binary Robot 365 Customer support/ Live chat

Binary Robot 365 offers a multi-lingual customer care services and can be contacted through the live chat facility or shoot them an email via the ‘Contact Us’ page available on the website. So for any complains or problem you encounter, you can easily reach out to them and expect a quick reply.

Binary Robot 365 LiveChat


From our experience of numerous binary options scams we literally exposed, we can assure you that that the Binary Robot 365 system is not even close to being a scam. This can be evidenced by the numerous positive endorsement by the industry.

The website was professionally designed for serious trader who are looking for opportunity to make decent amount of money.

Also the cup full of regulated and licenced brokers is a special blessing that is only offered by unique trading bots  who are serious about your money.


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