BinaTrust is a SCAM!! Honest Review of BinaTrust Software

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BinaTrust is a SCAM!! Honest Review of BinaTrust Software

BinaTrust software is just another example of numerous notorious autotrading binary options  scams flooding binary options. These scams come in different forms and present different offers, however they are all alike and share one thing in common-fraud!

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BinaTrust App may sound convincing and appealing but it is not any different from other scams that have lead many investors astray. From our researches, the only potential this software has is that which will strategically lead you to frustration. Please avoid it.

Official website and sign up page ; binatrust.comBinaTrust

BinaTrust Review

What is the BinaTrust software about?

BinaTrust is a new option robot in the market claimed to be created by six professional hedge traders. It is not an auto trading software but rather a software which gives trading signals. According to them, their software automatically analyzes the financial market and sends you the trade signal alert which has a winning rate of above 78% and of course this offers come for free. They claim to use these signals themselves and propose over one hundred and fifty (150) of these signals to traders using their software. They also promise a daily profit of about $250 -$4,800.

Now these offers may seemly appeal to you especially considering it comes for free, do not fall for it. Besides from our experience, if such wonderful intervention is for real, it wouldn’t come for free. It is no good.

BinaTrust Website Review

Fake ClaimsBinaTrust Review

BinaTrust claims that they have been in existence since 2015 judging from an award on the website which portrays them as the most profitable signal service since 2015. These are cheap lies as they have not even had an atom of popularity until recent times and this website of theirs was created on July, 2016 this year. See belowBinaTrust Scam

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Fake timer

BinaTrust didn’t miss the trick of adding a countdown stopclock on the website, which shows the time left before the free offer expires. We find this really funny because the timer refreshes itself when this website is revisited. One may be left to wonder why this people are so much in a hurry to get you to quickly sign up with them. It’s simple; they want to steal your money as quickly as possible before you even have the chance to think over it.

Fake testimonials

Also on the BinaTrust website there are testimonials from their so-called friends on face book and twitter which do not even show their Facebook account name plus their fake twitter handle. In fact, they do not even have any functioning account with the two social media. The owners of BinaTrust fabricated stories which sound and look convincing in order to make you join them and eventually lose your money to unrealistic trading signals.BinaTrust software

How does the software works?

According to BinaTrust, they use mathematical models and artificial intelligence program to analyze charts, news and economic data. BinaTrust claims that the algorithms analyze and combine data from the financial market and all other sources to identify and then alert high –probability trade opportunities. These are just cheap talks with no substantial proofs. Anyone of course could come out with such grammars but strong backing evidence makes a whole lot of difference.
This is really how it works: when you sign up with BinaTrust, you will automatically be assigned to a broker, a choice you have no control over. You will then be made to deposit some money in order to start your trades and be fed with unreasonable signals that will eventually lead to loss of your investment. And is good to let any potential trader know that the brokers synced to the BinaTrust is also in a bad side, thus you cannot withdraw your profits if you even manage to get any.

Is BinaTrust really for free?

Many fake software like BinaTrust are consistently deceiving people by making them live under the delusion of turning them into millionaires in no time and with no effort nor basic knowledge. We keep saying this; people don’t go about sharing real riches for free. Most of them are just after their pocket and BinaTrust software is a typical example.
High standard signals are rarely given for free so don’t be confused and be in a big rush to get their free offers so you don’t end up regretting.

In conclusion, BinaTrust has no potential of turning you into a successful trader and from the reports we have received it is an awful app. it is a big scam so we cannot recommend it to you. There are so many things left unsaid by this group of producers and definitely no good can come out of it. There are vast numbers of genuine platforms to choose from in the binary option market, go for them and avoid these scammers.

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