Tesler App is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review

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Tesler App is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review

Tesler App Review.

The holidays are so close therefore you shouldn’t be amazed when Binary Option Robot scam software like Tesler App tries to take advantage of your urge to make some extra cash in order to have an exquisite holiday experience with your family and love ones.

  • See why that Tesler App video you watched is not real here

It’s so sickening how these devious groups get so much undeserved popularity and make money while ripping people off their hard-earned money. There is truly a great need for us to completely wipe these people off binary and Forex market.

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Tesler App software is indeed yet another scam currently making waves. Tesler App is an auto trading Binary Option software newly introduced in the market, produced and presented by a man called Steven Abraham. Steven Abraham like other regular scammers has come forward to give preposterous and unfeasible promises. Tesler App offers every ‘victim’ a guarantee of becoming a millionaire in exactly 181days which is roughly half a year. If only becoming millionaires or making so much money within such period were easily, everyone would probably be a millionaire by now. Let’s face it.

Official website : teslerapp.co

Tesler App Review

Who is Steven Abraham?

Steven Abraham who claims to be the CEO of the Tesler Company is just a paid actor who is interested in making money doing what he knows how to do best. In fact, he is not Steven Abraham obviously. He featured in Swarm Intelligence App, another binary options scam as Dr. Steven Francis. It is a norm for the real rogues behind these scams to use actors and actresses to play their part while they hide behind the camera and write the scripts so that they can always resurface again rebranded. Talking about resurfacing, the so-called Steven Abraham is not a new face in Binary Option software scam, he had featured in a couple of other scams bearing different names. Of course he is an actor so don’t expect any less from him. See Below

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Unexisting company

Steven Abraham claims to be the CEO of the company Tesler Investments which in the real world doesn’t exist. He says his company is worth millions of dollars and went ahead displaying exotic lifestyles in his video while claiming to have an interest in making you rich. Lies! These are ways of drawing your attention to make you believe in Tesler App  and the company doesn’t exist anywhere, not even on the internet but perhaps only in his delusions. One may but wonder why such a company that claims to be upright and offers so much would put up such disgusting lies. Only one explanation can fit into this: Tesler App is nothing but a big fat fraud.

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Fake testimonials

There is really no end to the extent these scammers can go in order to get you to fall for their scams. Tesler App portraying fake testimonials is very typical of scam systems. The pictures on the Tesler App website showing the supposed testimonies from beneficiaries are stolen pictures from the internet. These pictures have fake names attached to them with dirty claims of making so much money within a short period. These are fabricated stories and no such claims exist. The idea is to get you convinced that the Tesler App really is some good stuff whereas it is far from that. If this really is a big deal its quality should speak for itself and not some bunch of crooks cooking up stories to proof its worth. It obviously has no worth so stay away from it.

Tesler App Scam

It is really fascinating how Steven Abraham introduces the Lead Pattern algorithm to us and yet leaving us oblivious as to how the Tesler App system works. He gave us close to no substantial information on how this strategy is capable of making thousands every day and practically turning you into a millionaire in no time. According to him, the Tesler App which uses super-fast satellite data transfer, analyzes over three million market variables, after which it places trades based on a satisfied result.
How can we even believe any of these coming from a certified liar? And for Tesler App to have the capability of making up to $5700 a day without any prior knowledge of binary options and with just five minutes of time input is really astonishing. These are lies.

Fake profits and results

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If you take a close look at the Tesler App trading result which showed only one loss, you would be embarrassed to see the poor organization of the scam platform. The trading results and profits don’t even match. It is nothing but a piece of junk.

Is the Tesler Software really free?

No it is not free. Even if the Tesler App were genuine which it certainly isn’t, nobody will turn you into a millionaire over night at no cost. The way this system work is this: after registration, you would automatically be matched to a broker who would require you to deposit at least $250 to activate your account so it is not free.

Review Verdict : Tesler App is a Scam. Fake Ceo and fabricated lies!

Do not trade on Teslerapp.co website!

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In conclusion, Tesler App is a complete junk and we would highly recommend you to avoid this scam. The riches it promises really do not exist and will bring you nothing but regrets and frustrations. Nothing good can come from a system built on lies. You should go for genuine platforms which will bring you success.

There are other genuine platforms which offer legit opportunities of making it in the Binary Option Industry, you should go for them and avoid these scams.


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