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Easy Daily Profits is indeed an easy way to lose all your investments. It is quite unfortunate these scams have drastically infiltrated the Binary Option market gradually putting it at the risk of having a bad reputation.

In as much as there would always be bad eggs amongst a group, there are also the good ones that offer legit platforms, see here.

For us to successfully win the battle against these scammers, we have to always expose them but note that you equally have a role to play avoiding them. See why Easy Daily Profits is a scam, here.

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Easy Daily Profits App is a new auto trading Binary Option Robot software in market allegedly developed by a man called Dean Westhorpe.

He claims this software guarantees a daily profit of $982 without any significant time or work input. And the best part is that this app which can turn you into a millionaire in no time is absolutely free, after all with these guys make us feel that acquiring riches is absolutely free nowadays.

It is however quite disappointing that the so-called sweet mouthed Dean Westhorpe and his cohort are nothing but liars and scammers.

Official website : EasyDailyProfits.co 

Easy Daily Review

Who is Dean Westhorpe ?

Easy Daily Profits

Dean Westhorpe is a non-existent fictional character who only exists as an illusion in the minds of the devious minds behind this scam. The name Dean Westhorpe was formulated and attached to a photo that was purchased from a stock image store online. The man in question if at all he exists as a real human being has no form of relationship with Binary Options.
The real organizers of this scam aren’t bold enough to use their real faces while they present their products; they get to hide behind actors and stolen or purchased photos and so on. This increases their potentials of returning with different scams anchored by new or the same faces.

Fraudulent website

Let us take a look at the website of Easy Daily Profits. This was sure a poorly constructed yet beautiful website we must say. It features a time counter which runs down quickly and indicates the time left to accept the supposed opportunity. This is really funny because when you refresh the page, the new counter does not correspond with the former. This method is actually a way to make you quickly jump into their trap while considering the limited time left.

The website also shows some live trades without any identity in an attempt to make us believe they are real. These live trading can’t exactly stand as an evidence of their legitimacy because they could have also been forged and coming from such people we actually expect the worse.

Fake media coverageEasy Daily Profits

The website of Easy Daily Profits shows alleged reviews from renowned financial media which include; Financial Times, Bloomberg Business and CNNMoney. These media networks apparently praised the Easy Daily Profits software and regarded it as a cutting-edge development in the binary option industry. As lovely as this information sounds, it is not true. In fact we checked these websites to find the so-called reviews but to no avail.

The brains behind these scams cook up these lies to make their package appear real and attractive in order to lure you into their trap and take away your hard-earn money. Please detest from them to avoid being a casualty.

Easy Daily Profits testimonial

Of course we really don’t expect anything beyond lies from an imaginary CEO. The website contains fake testimonials from fiverr actors who are paid to play the role of successful client and being thankful to Dean Westhrope but know absolutely nothing about binary Option.
How can we believe any of what they say? These people are fraudsters and do not deserve a dime from you so, stay away from them.

How does the software works?

Easy Daily Profits  did not give any clue as to what foundation the software was built upon. We know nothing about the strategies, indicators or brokers they work with.
This is how it works; when you get registered, you will automatically be assigned to a broker irrespective of your choice and then you will be required to deposit some money into your account to get it activated. When this phase is done, the auto Robot will eventually start placing losing trades and with time, you will end up losing all your investments immediately or subsequently.

Is the Easy Daily Profits really free?

NO! it is not and like we said earlier, you will be required to activate your account with a minimum of about $250. Nobody sells riches for free.


In conclusion, Easy Daily Profits is just another scam in the Binary Option market that was built on a foundation of falsehood, therefore highly recommend that you stay away from it. We cannot trust such companies that tell lies and we would rather advice you to for genuine software with profitable results.

Review Verdict – Easy Daily Profits is a SCAM!

Stay away from Easy Daily Profits. Easy Daily Profits sales video is fictitious, Dean Westhorpe is nobody and there is no real media endorsement of Easy Daily Profits automated trader!

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