Lexington Code is a SCAM!! Honest Lexington Code App Review

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Lexington Code is a SCAM!! Honest Lexington Code App Review

IMPORTANT LEXINGTON CODE REVIEW: Lexington Code Software is a brand new Binary Option software launched on the 14th of December. Michael Lexington, the alleged owner of LexingtonCode Software stated that the robot is available to only 25 lucky people. Shortly after its launch, it’s gained so much unnecessary hype from some bloggers and as a result of this, a good number of people have already fallen for it and are left devastated.

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According to our research, as well as customer input, we feel that Lexington Code APP is not safe and might just be a scam Option Robot system. It is not different from other scams we have seen in the past and just like them, it promises to bring you enormous riches within a short period of time without any hard work or basic knowledge. Lexington Code even boost of being risk free and have never lost a single trade since its inception. (How?). There is absolutely no evidence of honesty about the things that were presented in the video of Lexington Code. Like we have seen before, the Lexington Code sales video is a well fabricated story about a non-existing software that will grant you financial freedom free without you even lifting a finger.

Official Website and Lexington Code login page: http://Lexingtoncode.com

Lexington Code

Note: Make sure that you never select the scam trading bots and just go for reliable options.

Lexington Code Review

Who is Michael Lexington?

Michael Lexington is the co-creator of Lexington Code Software together with his friend Barry Storyk, an Aero Space engineer and computer technology guru. Barry Storyk claims to be the man who created the Lexington Code. Together with Michael, the created the so called highest profiting software in binary options trading.

Both Literally claimed that the software can make between 500-5000 dollars/ day, every day with the lowest profit potential of $700 being made since the creation of the Lexington Code.

Now this is an indisputable way scammers adopt when creating their promotional sales videos. Lexington Code has nothing new to offer. They are not the first and certainly would not be the last scam to make use of paid actors to promote their fraudulent schemes.They get paid for their performances by the real scammers who always stay off the screen so as to come back with different scams using different faces.

Michael Lexington says his software is up for Beta Testing and will only give twenty five people (25) the opportunity to be part of the program after which it is going to be sold $3,500 per software licensed. This is outrageous as over a hundred people have actually registered but the website still says twenty two member spots are still available. And according to him this software had been in use for private investor. These are cooked up lies to trick you into signing up quickly.

Lexington Code Review

Note: Beware of the trading scam and just opt for reliable trading bots.

Now the Lexington Code trading is very much not unique, when we opened an account with the software, we noticed that the lexington Code seems to use same trading platforms with other scams system that eloped peoples money. And this is enough to show that there is nothing authentic about this system other than the rebirth of proven scams like Wiki Trader, Prove My Profits and OneTouch covered by fresh scam artist. See belowLexington Code Software

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Is it really possible for a Binary Robot not to lose a single trade?

It is not possible. Michael Lexington and his partner Barry Storyk allege that for the past nine months of testing with private investors, they have not recorded a single lose. This is a preposterous lie as no such robot is in existence in the binary option industry. Robots are never that perfect when working with the real market which uncontrollably fluctuates.
They also claim that the app guarantees a profit of $500-5,000 profits per day and showed videos of their supposed clients claiming to have made over $30,000 just within a week without any effort nor prior trading experience. Don’t fall for these fabricated lies and actors. They only want to lure you into becoming a victim.

How does Lexington Code work?

As expected from a direct scam system, we weren’t given any substantial information on how the software works or the strategies it uses. So you will probably end up losing all initial deposit immediately or with subsequent trades placed by the auto trading robot.

He simply says that they have developed ”world most innovative binary options system” which will help you generate profits on daily basis but with exactly what technology and algorithm? It is obvious that Michael and his team are portraying a very easy and cheap idea about financial trading in this way, and the only thing this shows is that the system is all fake. All the actions performed on the Lexington Code are scripted and since I found nothing about the way it works there is obviously no such algorithm behind this software which Michael told us at the beginning of the video that was created by software tech guru Barry Storyk.

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Fake certification

Michael Lexington laid so much emphasis on the certification he had on him as he tried to sell to us the lies that the Lexington Code is certified. It’s funny how these scammers can go to any extent just to look legit to unsuspecting traders. Showing us a certificate we can’t lay our hands on to check its legitimacy is lame and for all we know anyone could forge that certificate especially for one which shows poverty of authentication.

Fake testimonials are not left out!

Lexington Code Scam

The Lexington Code website contains fake testimonials from actors in the video who get paid for their performances and also from people that do not exist.

Now we get to see a woman named Sarah Mullen whom Michael interacts online who claimed to be using this software for 3 months. There is no end to these fake stories. When we broadened our research we discovered that the Lexington Code website was registered on the 2016-11-10, See proof below. How on earth did Sarah make such amount of profits to pay her house rents and cars from non-existing software. How much of fake details are left for us to consume before they actually get exposed?

Lexington Code Appvisit-trusted-site

Note: Stay alert for trading scams and just opt for credible trading options.

Is it really free?

They claim Lexington Code is going to be free to only twenty five people (which is a lie) after which it’s going to be sold at the price of $3,500 for a lifetime license. You can imagine how much a million dollars- generating innovation is willing to be sold for.
To sum it all it is not free. This is how it works, once you get registered, you will automatically be assigned to one of their brokers and be required to pay a minimum of $250 to activate your account. And what happens after then? These brokers are not regulated, you will obviously lose your money trade after trade.

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Stay away from Lexington Code Scam backed up with fake testimonials, licence and outrageous promises!

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In conclusion, following our experience with similar software in the past, we would not recommend Lexington Code software to you because you may end up losing all your investments. It lacks clear-cut evidence of its operations and upholds deceitful proofs, therefore we cannot accept it.
There are other genuine platforms which offer legit opportunities of making it in the Binary Option Industry, you should go for them and avoid these scams.


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