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OneTouch Review : Is One Touch Trade App a SCAM? Proof!!

OneTouch Trade software is the latest Binary Option Auto trading software presently in the market, created by investment institute Gold Campbell LTD and presented by Jeffrey Peterson. Although this company has declared their Binary Option Robot  to be the most advanced and innovative trading technology, a common statement shared by several similar fraudulent platforms, one touch software is nothing but a BIG SCAM.

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Like their counterpart scam software, OneTouch App have emerged with unrealistic promises and lies to trick you into getting involved with them, only to rip you off your money. Jeffrey Peterson claims this app is capable of generating profits in thousands of dollars just within a few minutes and with no effort. And of course the same magical software is 100% free-which we very much expect. However, we did some researches on the software and its company, its quite unfortunate that the result is disappointing and fraudulent. OneTouch Trade software is not worth wasting your investments and you should avoid it.

Official Website and OnTouch Login :

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OneTouch Review – The Touching Truth!

Who is Jeffrey Peterson? OneTouch CEO or another wannabe actor?

This good looking young man in the name of Jeffrey Peterson is just a wannabe actor who managed to get his script right. However we won’t give him an excellent remark for his performance in this particular video because of the way he speaks, his movements and the unfamiliar way in which he relates with his environment and properties he claims are his. He obviously is reading from a script and probably knows nothing about Binary Option Trade.

Jeffrey Peterson is well known for his participation in fraudulent activities. Sometime ago, he featured in a lottery guide fraud where he assumed the role of John Robinson, with the same car and house and also claimed to have made millions from it. (So much luck for one man).  He allegedly is a benefactor of this magical app and has made a profit of $750,000 in just one year using the OneTouch Trade. But this is really funny as in the OneTouch sales video; he flaunts his mansion, so many assorted cars and exotic lifestyle in an environment that barely recognizes him and vice versa. How is it possible to own so much expensive properties with the profits he got which cannot even afford half of the properties and especially considering that he claimed to have been very poor before discovering the OneTouch App? These are just disgusting lies.

Fake testimonialsOneTouch Review

The website of OneTouch Trade contains a bunch of fake testimonials from stolen pictures with unreal names attached to them. This is a very popular method of the scammers we have seen in the past so it doesn’t in any way surprise us. The whole stories were fabricated; there is obviously no single truth on the basis of these software and company.
These non-existing people go further to say they have been making profits using the OneTouch software since 2015 like Richard Webb above and we find this very amusing because the website in question got registered on the 5th of this month, 2016 and will expire around this time next year, see evidence below. So how is it even possible that the website that is only a few days old has produced millionaires of two years? Sounds creepy right? Do not fall for these stupid lies.OneTouch Scam

How does the OneTouch software work?

We have no idea. The creators of OneTouch claims the software was designed by engineers of the investment institute Gold Campbell LTD. And he said absolutely nothing on the strategy or the algorithm his app works with. Besides we are not familiar with any institute of such related to the OneTouch.

Is it really freely?

They claim the OneTouch software which they consider the best in the world is free to enable them perfect it. This doesn’t make any sense. In fact it is not absolutely free as they claim because once you register with them, you will be made to deposit about $250 for the activation of your account.

100% risk free

OneTouch claims that the investor does not need any prior experience. However, it is not possible to excel in the field of trading without necessary knowledge. OneTouch  can never change the destiny of the trader for the better. OneTouch claims to be risk free, but the truth is that no trading bot is risk free in the real world and the investor has to understand this aspect if he wants to get success coming his way. OneTouch cannot change the life of the trader for the better. On the contrary, the trader can come up with massive losses coming his way if he decides to choose OneTouch . This is why the investor needs to explore better options.OneTouch Software

Now this scammers went further to attach unauthorized badges of reputable companies in order to affirm their dubious claims and look legit. The investor needs to understand the fact that earning through binary option trading is not an instant process and it will take the trader a fair amount of time to grasp the basic concepts of trading. Another key issue with OneTouch  is that it does not offer live chat access to the trader. Thus this is one of the major drawbacks of this system.

No Live Chat

Now the absence of live chat support is a big flaw because the trader will not be able to put questions to the support team. The trader should never opt for a system when he has doubts about that system. There are other trading bots available in the market as well that offer genuine support to the trader. The investor should not think on the lines of opting for such trading bots if he wants to save himself from trouble.

Stay  away from OneTouch! OneTouch Trade software is a big scam and you should avoid it by all means. It has been built on a foundation of falsehood; therefore no good can come out of it. A legit platform has no need to tell lies or give unrealistic promises in order to draw the attentions of prospective clients. To succeed in Binary Options, you always have to opt for the best software that offers genuine platforms for trading.

Review Verdict – OneTouch Trade is a SCAM!

Stay away from OneTouch. OneTouch sales video is fictitious, Jeffrey is a known scam artist and there is no Gold Campbell LTD related to OneTouch automated trader!

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