Prove My Profits Review – Is Prove My Profits APP a SCAM ?

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Prove My Profits Review – Is Prove My Profits APP a SCAM ?

Prove My Profits software is one of the latest auto trading software in binary Option Industry which was co-founded and introduced by Ted Morgan. He has literally declared his scam software to be god with a guaranteed 100% winning which is absolutely impossible in the real world of binary option today. This Prove My Profits Binary Option Robot scam has come out to give preposterous promises which are inarguable enticing but unrealistic.

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According to Ted’s review, Prove My Profits software is guaranteed to give a monthly profits of $498,561. Now this is unheard of. So in approximately three months, you will become what? A millionaire Or just another poor victim of a notorious scam? Give it a deep thought. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Of course it does. Prove my Profits Binary Option Robot is a total scam and the only prove you are going to get is that of dishonesty and heartbreak.

Now we are tired of hearing such hilarious profits claims and even worse the increasing rate of scam flow into the market. Come to think about it, why are these frauds critically high this period? Let us stretch it a little bit. The holiday is quickly approaching and completely traditional for a lot of people to gather enough funds in order to share nice moments in beautiful places with their family and friends. Rests assure the scammers in the Binary Option Industry are not different.

Prove My Profits App is nothing but a re-branded version of a previous scam Lie Detector Millionaires and Polygraph Millionaire that caused a disaster in the past, you can follow they links above to see more about these scams.

Offiial website and Prove My Profits Login http://provemyprofits.comProve My Profits Review

Note: Say no to scams and choose the best bots only.

Prove My Profits Review – Epitome of falsehood!

Who is Ted Morgan?

This man as usual is just another paid actor who was given the Prove My Profits script, to present a very conceiving performance so he isn’t in any way who he claims to be. This is very typical of scams; the brains behind them are always never seen because they bring in actors to take their place so that after a while, they can come back reformed to replenish their pocket again before vanishing into the thin area.

The creator of Prove My Profits even goes as far as trying to prove that he wasn’t telling a lie by using lie detector machine. In the first place, nobody accused them of telling lies so why exactly are they fighting hard to defend themselves? They obviously aren’t sure of neither the app nor themselves either. Who exactly are these people trying to fool? Are we supposed to just believe them? No way!

This same strategy was used some time ago in the Lie Detector Millionaires scam orchestrated by Daniel Wilkins. In fact Prove My Profits share similar setting, scripts and actors who claim to be lie detector operators. We weren’t informed of the location nor person carrying out the test and from experience, we are 100% sure that the lie detector test was not in any way real. These scammers are very desperate, the can go a long way to convince unsuspecting people to fall for them, so why would rigging the lie detector test ( i.e. if it was even real) be a difficult task for them? There are so many things left unsaid by these people. Prove My Profits is a terrible scam and we are certain that nothing good can come out of it.

How does this software work?

We absolutely have no idea on how the Prove My Profits system operates. No information was given on the basis of the software nor the algorithms it works with. Ted Morgan only tells us that the creator of the Prove My Profits app who most likely is non-existent keeps the secret. Seriously? This is how it really works: they get you to register, after which you will be made to deposit a minimum amount of about $250 to a broker of their choice then the auto trading robots will carrying out trade and lose all your investment in no time.Prove My Profits

Note: Stop the scams and choose the best bots.

Is 100% Accuracy feasible with Prove My Profits?

NO. There is no such Binary Options Robot in existence. Even the most experienced expert trader in Binary Option with his/her many years of practice cannot maintain a 95% winning rate not to talk of 100% and even coming from a robot with artificial intelligence the Prove My Profits. He also claims his app doesn’t lose a single trade. This is really a joke! Don’t believe this lies as these attempts are aimed at painting pretty pictures to make the Prove My Profits appealing so as to drag you into their trap. From experience, all these empty promises and fake testimonials will only make you end up losing all your investments and in the worst way too. Prove My Profits Scam

Don’t be quick to believe people who promise you extravagant riches within a very short period of time with close to no effort input. Riches do not come out of the blues. These absurd promises from these people are not real it is just a trick. Please stay away from Prove My Profits.

To actually decipher a genuine trading system, then first of all the trader should have a detailed communication with the live support. The trader should discuss all the aspects and concerns with the live support. Tragically, another issue with Prove My Profits is that the live support is not available and this is yet another clue that this system will not prove to be a good pick for the trader. Usually the scammers do not bother to respond to the email of the traders as well. This is why the trader should not take the risk of choosing this system.

Prove My Profits Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Prove My Profits is a BIG SCAM! And we would highly recommend that you stay away from it. Binary Options is indeed a profitable business but you won’t succeed when you join the wrong team. You should always go for the legitimate platforms with substantial features and results rather than a bunch of crooks with ludicrous promises that would leave you frustrated.

Review Verdict: Prove My Profits is a Scam!

Old, repackaged and unreliable scam -Stay away!

Similar systems exposed include Swarm Intelligence, Wiki Trader, Royce Code, and  Code Fibo

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