Swarm Intelligence is 200% SCAM APP ! Exclusive Review*

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Swarm Intelligence is 200% SCAM APP ! Exclusive Review*

Swarm Intelligence Scam Software is allegedly an amazing auto trading tool launched few days ago. Every week new scam Binary Option Robot software are released into the binary options market, however while some retain the regular features of typical scams, a few others undergo some sort of evolutionary modifications. Swarm Intelligence software is an example of such modified scam. It’s quite unfortunate that Swarm Intelligence has gained so much popularity within a very short period and is being promoted by a lot of marketers. We wouldn’t blame anyone though; there is no lie that this Swarm Intelligence Scam appears very convincing to inexperienced investors and thus the reason for the heavy marketing, and this drove our research on it to expose all the evils behind this swindle. Our overall assertion, based on our results is simply this: Swarm Intelligence is just another scam neatly wrapped with an inviting package.

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Swarm Intelligence App is a very new binary option robot presently in the market created by Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter. They have declared their auto trader as a breakthrough in the binary options market; we cannot entirely agree with them on this because for such sensitive declaration to be made especially since a lot of investors’ money is at stake, it requires a significant period of real results and evidences. And from the presentation by the creators of this software, there are actually more words than genuine evidence or simply no standing evidence at all.

These two individual are no doubt new faces in this industry as they have not featured in other scams but that wouldn’t completely rule out the possibilities of them being actors. Let’s us quickly give a quick summary of who these men say they are.

Swarm Intelligence Review: What they are not telling you!Swarm Intelligence Review

Who is Dr. Steven Francis – Is he actually real Swarm Intelligence CEO?

Steven Francis is said to hold a PHD in Animal Behavior and has a passion for the trading market, having spent several years in it. He adds that he has dedicated a good number of years on researcher in animals, their behavioral adaption and how they relate with their environment. Following this, he got a spark and came up with the idea of incorporating the swarm intelligence based-principles (from animal behavioral pattern) into the binary option trading market. These stories could be fabricated as there are no proofs to support this. Besides there are no concrete evidence an individual named Dr. Steven Francis, PhD connected with Swarm Intelligence anywhere online except for the numerous fake reviews of the software. No university or college credentials, he has no social media profile or professional profile, and there is not one image of him anywhere online except for screenshots from the video. Someone with such reputation as the claim doesn’t fall from the sky, there should be a tiny bit of information backing up this so called CEO. No doubt, he is not hired from Fiverr actor, but we are 100% sure he is one those actors who are willing to tarnish their image for few dollars.

Thomas Porter

Thomas porter on the other hand is said to be a retired IBM scientist who has gained over thirty (30) years of experiences in computer programming. He was apparently sort out by Dr. Steven Francis as a partner to write codes and programs based on his idea to build software. Now just like his boss, this guy does not exist. He is also a hired scam artist and nothing far from that.

How Swarm Intelligence Software works – Does the Swarm intelligence concept really work in binary options?

The Swarm Intelligence software is claimed to work based on the principles of swarm intelligence adapted from the way strategic animals behave, a typical example is a swarm of bees. In this concept, animals work together as a group to carry out specific functions dependently and in unison with the full intention of reaching a common goal. Apparently, similar concept was implored into this trading system only that the animals are being replaced by computers. We can thus put;’ a swarm of computers’.

They claim the Swarm Intelligence Software has a system of ten (10) computers that work independently to generate high signals using entirely different strategies. Then these individual signals are collectively incorporated in a mother super computer which in turn analyses and gives a unanimous result. Now all this long talk might sound convincing to newbies, which unfortunately are the people who fall for this swindles, because novice traders are unsuspecting about the havoc that will come there way when the sign up for a scam software especially those heavily promoted by corrupt bloggers, so pay close attention as we reveal the truth about this Swarm Intelligence innovation.

Firstly I will start by telling you that binary options trading though lucrative has substantial risk attached to it which is even higher when you auto trade binary options. So if you are led by the misconception that Swarm Intelligence will make you a lot of money, then you are in for some disappointment coming your way because this will not turn out to be the case. Swarm Intelligence is no miracle trading bot, and you are about to find out why.

Is Swarm Intelligence a Scam? The real answer!

Swarm Intelligence like most trading bot is based on an artificial intelligence. While it is automated the real market isn’t and has prices moving towards different directions with inconstant speeds, and within varying time duration. So it is impossible to accurately predict the market prices. Swarm Robotics concept can be applied in other aspect of life with great success e.g in military, agriculture, arts, mining, sports and so on with outstanding results. This is true because the variables that affect this activities are fairly constant and predictable.  However, the technology is honestly far from being helpful when it comes to binary options trading because of the very high volatility and inconsistency of price movement. Now claiming that the Swarm Intelligence software can accurately predict binary options for now is certainly fictitious of an imaginary generation when robots can accurately predict price movement in a very volatile market like binary options. These are merely fabricated lies cooked by people behind this Swarm Intelligence System. And we implore that you avoid these people at all cost.

Swarm Intelligence beta testing and 83% ITM (in the money) – Is it real?

They claim that they started the project at the beginning of this year and have just rounded up a beta testing phase. From their results, this software gives an 83% ITM winning percentage and so on. But they questions are these:

Why should we believe this?

What are the proofs that the Swarm Intelligence beta testing was actually done?

Where are the evidences from live trading results?

Is this another way of luring many people into an awaiting long-term disaster?

These claims exist nowhere else but only in the ‘words’ on their websites. There are no actual evidences to support these so why should we even give them a benefit of doubt. Now for all we know is that these are cooked up lies that are very pathetic to believe. From our Who.is website look up we found out that the Swarm Intelligence official domain was registered few days ago and there is no how all this claims should hold true, see evidence below. How then did the beta testing section make up to 83% ITM using the Swarm Intelligence? Even the most experienced expert in binary options doesn’t make up to the success rate proposed by these scammers, how then can an artificial intelligence-based robot do that. These are alluring claims which don’t hold any weight. Thus you should stay far away from this people. Such dream of Swarm Intelligence being next generation of trading software ladies and gents is far fetched.

Swarm Intelligence Scam

Are the testimonials worth believing?Swarm Intelligence

We would answer a NO to that. Swarm Intelligence testimonials on the website by people who gave just their names and bits of their locations without faces. We would really like everyone to note that the fact that there are no evidence of fiverr paid actors or stolen pictures on the testimonials like most scams do doesn’t really proof this software is far from being a scam. Besides there are no live trading sessions or evidence neither are there figures from these testimonials so why should we believe them.

Swarm Intelligence Scam debunked

Fake News Endorsement.Swarm Intelligence Software

Swarm Intellligence creators in their attempts to make it look legal created fake pages of authority news portals endorsing the Swarm Intelligence scam.  Now if you have spare time do a quick search in either of these media outlets and see for yourself  that there is no mention of this scam. Because when we checked, there is no mention of this scam on Organizational Culture or TechFerry.

Fake profit graphSwarm Intelligence App

Still on the dubious tactics used by this scammers, Swarm Intelligence made the mistake of uploading a fake profit graph showing trades on a Sunday when we know that the financial market is closed on weekends. So how much then can we believe that this software is synced with licensed brokers that will pay profits in case the investor makes any? see picture below.

Swarm intelligence site looks original with About Us, Contact Us, and social media links. Now when you click on the about us link it leads to a section of the homepage, likewise the Contact Us and social media icon are not clickable. Everything is complete joke and was made in a hurry without having the investor in mind.

Is the Swarm Intelligence free?

Furthermore, if they really spent so much energy, time and money into this so-called marvelous software why then is it given out for free? Isn’t it the plan to make money? Yet they come up with some stories of how they plan to give the software free for a lifetime to both marketers and investors who make early entries to partner with them after which others will have to make monthly subscriptions to get similar access. Will the software even stand the test of time? Isn’t it also obvious that this is a strategy to get as many people involved in this as possible. We pretty much smell scam in this.

Review Verdict : Swarm Intelligence is a Scam!

Though looks convincing and well promoted, Swarm Intelligence is a basic trading bot with undeserved hype. Swarm Intelligence is not reliable.

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The conclusion is that the traders should not waste their money on Swarm Intelligence because this system is not credible and cannot be depended upon for sure. The traders should only opt for those systems that are legitimate and offer all the needed information to the traders.

The sales video of legitimate systems does not boast of unreal profits. On the contrary, the real systems offer real guidance to the traders, so they need to act smart and wisely. This way the trader will not be standing at the loser’s end so all. The traders should make a wise move and deny the opportunity of opting for Swarm Intelligence.

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