Wiki Trader Scam by Kelly Wallace Busted – Exclusive Review*

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Wiki Trader Scam by Kelly Wallace Busted – Exclusive Review*

Wiki Trader Scam or Not?

Detailed review.WikiTrader Review

WikiTrader software is a new auto trading binary options trading software presently in market which is claimed to be produced and owned by a woman called Kelly Wallace. She alleges that her auto trading system guarantees you an easy extra $8,600 every month for free and also insists on our acknowledgement of her popularity from the crazy investments her venture capital firm has made over the years. On the part of her popularity, she pretty much isn’t far from the truth, of course we recognize her, not as the owner of any venture capital firm, but as a cute face of a terrible Scam exposed some months back.

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The WikiTrader Automated APP promises to make you a millionaire, with a guarantee of an extra cash of $8,600 every month for free, without much work nor a prior knowledge of the Binary Option Robot. If riches usually come this easily, I bet you software wouldn’t be in existence by now. This highly placed offer from WikiTrader are sincerely unrealistic and are strategies to misdirect you. Because when they finally get you into signing up for their scam you then begin to lose trades after trade because no actual trading principle is involved.

We had to search deeply to investigate the WikiTrader automated App but unfortunately, just as we had expected, we found no sincerity in this piece of crap. The WikiTrader software is no potential money making investment; Wiki Trader software is a BIG SCAM!!! and this exclusive WikiTrader review will prove it.

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WikiTrader Review – What Wiki Trader Scam is not telling you.

About the WikiTrader website –

The website sale page contains a timer, an advertising video, an email subscription for registration, and some most likely fake logos and testimonials.

Firstly, the timer is fake. This company claims to be on a beta tester phase and has only but 100 limited spaces for prospects. What they don’t tell us that they actually have a large room to accommodate as many unfortunate victims that will fall into their trap. This timer is only an easy way to make you sign up quickly.

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Who really is Kelly Wallace? WikiTrader CEO? or a pretty actress?WikiTradervisit-trusted-site

Note: Never sign up for the scam systems and only choose dependable trading systems.

The lady behind this WikiTrader insists she is a big time business woman and the CEO of WikiTrader company. Is there any truth in that? Absolutely no. this lady has gained her popularity as a persistent binary option scam actress and not from some venture capital firm as she claims. We are familiar with her from Quick Cash System scam which happened about a years ago.

Kelly Wallace was involved in Quick Cash System where she played perfectly the role of Sarah Markel, the CEO of Quick Cash System. Needless to say, she is really a good actress. The system was however a flop and had a catastrophic crash while hurting many investors in the process. So what exactly are we supposed to expect with WikiTrader. Or is this one going to crash in a way that is way worse and much more destructive than the former.

WikiTrader system was apparently been built on a foundation of lies, how can we believe a word they say. From our assessment based on our researches, this woman is merely an actress who gets paid for doing her dirty job. Though she applied some changes to her look, we still recognize her, and we will still recognize her when she comes back for another no matter the transformation. The devious brains behind the WikiTrader and similar Scams stay off the screen so that they always come back reformed. They Creators of this WikiTrader are out for their selfish reasons to deceive you and steal your hard earned money.

Is it 100% free?

No it is not. No company will give you riches over-night for free and without some work. You will be required to pay a minimum of $250 to activate your account.

No trading analyses or strategy.

The WikiTrader has no comprehensive working strategy, no history of any trading algorithm or how the software which is very atypical of a genuine binary option investment software. They have got no solid prove but a bunch of cooked-up lies. We just can’t believe them.

Fake testimonials

What worse can’t we expect from a fake CEO? These people simply don’t exist. It is no news that these scammers steal stock pictures from various part of the internet. The WikiTrader testimonials are fabricated lies put together by the crooks behind this software. See Evidence below.WikiTrader ScamNote: Avoid the scam systems and only choose the dependable trading bots..visit-trusted-site

WikiTrader Review – Part II

WikiTrader does not offer a demo as well.

Now this means that if the trader wants to explore WikiTrader then the trial is not offered to the trader. Thus if the investor opts in for this system then he will be clueless. This system is truly not worth taking the risk. It is never advisable to opt for a system without having a look at the demo. When the trader has access to the demo then he can get an idea about the possible loopholes. The trader will not be able to get an idea about the loopholes if he does not get access to the system. This makes WikiTrader a bad choice for the investor.

Another major drawback of WikiTrader is that it does not offer live chat support to the unregistered users. This is a big setback because if the trader has any questions then the trader will not be able to get the answers to his questions. The trader should give preference to those platforms that offer live support to the traders. This way the investor will not be stuck with his queries at all and he will be able to get the answers to all the questions that come to his mind. Thus the investor needs to make the right choice and should use his discretion.

The FAQ section of WikiTrader does not prove to be very useful as well and most of the questions are generalized. Thus this FAQ section does not answer any specific and technical questions. This is a useless addition to the website and will not assist the trader much. The trader should not let scam systems elope with his hard earned money rather the trader should drop the idea of signing up with WikiTrader as we sure that this trading bot will not get the trader any success.

Scam Brokers

Now the brokers synced to the WikiTrader software is also on the bad side. As we pointed earlier, the deposit amount that the trader has to give to the platform is about $250 to $300. A new trader cannot afford such a huge amount and the trader just cannot throw away his money to a scam because he will not get anything in return. WikiTrader website does not reveal the names of the associated brokers as well. There is a possibility that the brokers are a scam as well so the trader needs to be very careful.

It is always better to search for better trading options and go for reputed trading bots. If a trader signs up for WikiTrader then he will just get losses coming his way. You can make a wise choice and choose the credible binary bot from our list. This can be more frustrating for a new trader because he does not have so much money to spare. The trader can avoid this agony in the first place by avoiding this scam trading system.

Review Verdict: WikiTrader is a scam – Do not trade on

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WikiTrader Review : The ultimate conclusion

My candid advice is for people to stay away from the WikiTrader software as there is simply no trace of truth in their presentation. They come with endless promises assuring you thousands of dollars within a short period without any work, effort or experience. Truth be told, money doesn’t come so easily, for you to really hit it big in binary options you have to put in some efforts, monitor and learn the strategies and also work with the right set of people. My greatest pleasure would be that you get some help with this piece of WikiTrader review information.

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