Cash LoopHole Review – Real Scam Software Exposed with Proof!!

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Cash LoopHole Review – Real Scam Software Exposed with Proof!!

Cash LoopHole Scam or Not?

Detailed Review

Cash LoopHole is a new auto trading software produced by Richard Sellars and Kelvin Wright. It has come out with huge mouthwatering promises of making hundreds of thousand dollars within a few weeks.

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Forex and Binary options is indeed a promising strategy to make quick money despite the risk involved so it should not leave you with surprises when some programs try to take advantage of you. Cash LoopHole like every other scammer in this business is a typical example of a group of people who try to make your time, strength and money go down the drain.

Now following our unbiased researches we would say Cash LoopHole software is a big SCAM. It is simply a rebirth of previous money making schemes like The MockingBird Method who are back in the market rebranded under the hood and voice narration just to look for innocent traders to prey upon. It’s quite unfortunate that most victims are usually newbies and novices who have decided to try out a legitimate way of getting incomes through the binary option platform. That’s why we are here to flush out this menace.Cash LoopHole Review

Note: Watch the trap and avoid the trading scams and pick an original software.

Cash LoopHole indept Review: Important facts about Cash LoopHole Scam

Richard Sellars, being the CEO of this Cash LoopHole System claims to have used a unique algorithm and a secret combination of trading signals to create his ‘wonder working’ software along with his team of professional comprising of mathematicians, engineers, programmers and so on. He insists that his software is the best especially for newbies owing to its simplicity and users friendly interface. He also claims above every doubt that Cash LoopHole software has the capability of generating $1,987 every three hour which is not true as no such system exist.
We strongly believe these claims are part of his strategies to lure people into falling for his scam.

Now, you get logged into Cash LoopHole website at and it says you are welcomed to watch this weird presentation because you are in a certain country. You are being made to believe that the Cash LoopHole free membership is limited to twenty people with a countdown which shows the number of available spots at any point in time. This is really phony because when you open the same website with a different browser the countdown doesn’t correspond, rather its start all over again. In essence, there is actually no limit to the number of people needed per day, it’s just a trick used by Cash LoopHole to make you feel lucky that you have a chance to be a member.

Also you are requested to enter your email address to claim free membership. Based on the reports we have received, after this, you get flooded with spam messages and you are put in situation in which you cannot readily opt out of.

What strategy does it operate on?

Richard and his team could not even give us a glimpse of the basis on which his Cash LoopHole was built. Perhaps the question we should ask is “whether he has a proven strategy”?
Another really important question we should ask is this” is Richard Sellars really who he says he is or does he and his mysterious team presenting the Cash LoopHole really exist? These scammers are in the habit of creating fake apps under fake names such that those that claim to be the creators are really not the creators.

Fake reviews and testimonies!!

Their website contain fake testimonials from people whose images do not match their real names. As creepy as this may sound, Cash LoopHole actually used unauthorized logos and Trademarks to paint pretty pictures of them to the public see below. Additionally, you have reviews giving sweet lies about such evil software creators who are only out to suck you dry off your hard earned money.Cash LoopHole Scam

Note: Watch out for the scammers and only choose the genuine trading systems.

Cash LoopHole: Is it free?

They say the membership offer to join the Cash LoopHole is absolutely free and all you are required to do is to simply open an account with them and become a millionaire. This is a big lie! Please do not fall for it. As a matter of fact, you will be requested to deposit some money after registering with them to activate your ‘free’ account. Even worse, they also say they give out $1000 to lucky new members, which if by any chance holds some truth, is most likely a bonus which could be a perfect strategy to trap their victims.

Is Cash LoopHole 94% Win Rate Real?

Now, are there perfect robots in this system? The answer is NO. Auto trading software are robots that act on certain principles based a collection of trading data over a period of time. So while the market patterns may change, the Robots still retain their principles. Here Richard and his group claim their magical software is next to perfect, close to 94% accurate and can generate $1,987 in three hours. This is obviously not true, there is no such software presently in existence and for the meantime, it is almost impossible. Furthermore, there are several apps out there with hidden fraudulent features produced by a bunch of deceitful groups. A lot of them have been altered to make you lose your trade and the Cash LoopHole system may not be any different.

Review Verdict: Cash LoopHole software is a complete SCAM! All the promises made by the CEO, Richard Sellars were just a bunch of sweet lies.

Similar Scams Exposed include Code Fibo, SnapCash Binary, Profits Eternity and Wall Street Focus Group

I would strongly advice people to stay away from this software and its overwhelming promises which don’t exist. I know there are many people out there who really want to trade in binary options on a sincere and legitimate platform, I implore you all not to be discouraged for there are many genuine software you could use. All you need to do is visit this page and choose from the extensive list of trusted trading bots with amazing recommendation from the day-traders.

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