Automata Formula is a SCAM!!! Honest Review of Automata Formula APP

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Automata Formula is a SCAM!!! Honest Review of Automata Formula APP

Automata Formula Software Scam Or Legit! Detailed Review

Automata Formula Software is  supposedly an auto trading solution that will help the trader to accurately predict binary options. Automata Formula software promises to be the code for financial success. Now the truth is that all these are false, the Automata Formula option robot is nothing but a fake product that steals traders money.

Alternative to this Automata Formula Scam is the Automated Binary

Now, Many people step into binary option trading with the hope that they will make it big in this field. However, everyone is not successful. Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever tried to look into the cause? Well the answer is pretty simple. Some people end up choosing scam binary options robots that are enough to ruin their life. Automata Formula APP is an example of such scam trading bot which have nothing to offer like other money stealing software that are fabricated everyday.

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If you wish to know more then make it a point to read the Automata Formula Binary Option Robot review till the very end.


Automata Formula Scam Review – All The Truth!

Automata Formula Exposed

Autoautomata Formula Review

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It starts with a brief overview of the person who created the Automata Formula. This person is George Coleman. He is an  Wall Street Trader and he claims that he needs 30 beta traders for his Automata Formula Project. Now this is definitely a hard reality to digest. This guy claims that his software can help earn a profit of $950/ hour that is $20,000 day. Next this person has this ridiculous claim to make and he stated that the sales will be erased immediately after 500 views. Now the real truth is that George Coleman is just a paid actor which have featured in so many  rip-of systems which were exposed in the past. Check Orion Code Scam review where this same wolf featured as Edward Robinson. If Automata Formula is a genuine trading bot then this person should get straight to the point. He should offer a complete walk through of the system rather than putting up these strange gimmicks that truly do not make any sense at all.

Automata Formula have no detailed Algorithm

The video presentation of Automata Formula talks about the lifestyle and profits that the trader can make using this system, but fails to give any elaboration of technology used by the Automata Formula. It is very essential to understand the technology of a trading bot before deciding to opt for it. Now, if the creators of this Software decide to skip such important matter- providing zero information, then why should we believe in their words?

Fake Profits and TestimonialsAutomata formula scam

The live trades are there on the website. The testimonials are also there. However, these things do not give the trader the needed insight about Automata Formula. The trader cannot just opt for a trading bot keeping the opinion of others into consideration. The trader needs to make his decisions in the light of facts. Whats more, is good to let any potential investor know that those life profits and facebook testimonials were all fabricated and there is no how the trader can click through those links to verify.

No Guarantee for Profit

Automata Formula Vows to provide a guaranteed profits. However, the creators does not present any proof in this regard. What will be the fate of the investor when he loses part  or all his deposit? Such statements truly do need the proof. The investor cannot believe in these things without knowing the reality. The truth is that when using these get rich quick scam software, there is no guarantee that you will make profits.  Automata Formula claims that it can make money for the trader even if the investor lacks experience. Now this is difficult to believe. The reason is that it is not easy to survive in the world of binary option trading if the investor lacks the technical knowledge.

Scam Brokers

Now one major glitch that the presenter of the video has hidden is that the investor will have to make a deposit to the broker. Now one thing is that these scam software are associated with offshore brokers that are not regulated. Now this broker seems pretty unknown. Well the investor has to make a deposit to this broker. Thus he will not be given the profits for free. Usually when the trader has made the deposit then that money is gone forever. The investor is never able to withdraw his profits. Automata Formula does not want to highlight these things because it intends to bluff the trader.

Automata Formula Has no demo

The investor is not given the facility of a trial. This means that there is no way that the trader can look into the system in detail. He will not get the opportunity to identify the potential flaws of the system. This is what makes Automata Formula a very bad choice. It is never viable to trust a trading bot without trying out the demo.

Even the email address is not there on the Automata Formula website. This means that there is no way that the trader can get the chance to communicate with the system. He has to give his name and email address and then he will get the access to the system. This makes Automata Formula a pretty risky venture for the trader. The investor will have a lot to lose if he pins his hopes on this system. The investor should think on the lines of opting for optimal performing trading robots that can truly help the investor in the long run.

Automata Formula website Reveals the Whole Truth

George Coleman stated that his money making Automata Formula software have been yielding profits since the past 12 months; But a little domain registration search showed that this system is a worthless piece that does not need your attention, only backed up by lies. The Automata Formula was actually registered on 2016.09.15. See Screenshot belowAutomata Formula

Review Verdict : Automata Formula is a SCAM! The investor should never sign up with AutomataFormula.

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If the trader has made up his mind to trade with this system, it will not turn out to be a profitable venture for the investor and he will be at the losing end. The trader should think on the lines of exploring credible trading bots that are credible and showcase their transparency. If you choose the original trading bots this way the investor will not have to worry about anything at the end of the day. Discourage the scammers by saying no to trading bots like the Automata Formula trading software.

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