Polygraph Millionaire Review: Is PGM Software a SCAM? Honest Review

The presenter of PGM software wants to back up all his claims by telling us that he took a polygraph test administered by a former military general, Jonas Kane and allegedly sworn that you will bang the same amount of money that he made back in 2015 using the Polygraph Millionaire Software. Now this does not sound professional and makes no proof of the profitability of this system. Daniel Wilkins Should have used the opportunity to discuss the mechanism and the algorithm that the Polygraph Millionaire uses to make profitable trade. Now Wilkins claim that the first 50 persons to register will get the Polygraph Millionaire software for free. Now this is just a fake tactics to get traders to register with this software without actually inquiring about it. in real sense there are no testers and no one will offer you the Polygraph Millionaire software for free.  Rather the trader has to deposit about $250 into undisclosed scam brokers in order to activate the Polygraph Millionaire.

Daniel Wilkins and his team wants to put forward the perception that the Polygraph Millionaire works based on algorithm which does not loose trade. Now the Polygraph Millionaire software does not place trade unless it’s certain that is a winning one and thus boost of 100% accuracy, but it is not an easy bargain and it is quite a hard and tedious goal to achieve for the trader. No trading bot is so accurate so this trading app is keeping the trader in the dark. The trader should not be led by these mind games and has to use his discretion if he wants to get the desired output at the end of the day. Polygraph Millionaire App cannot promise success to the investor at all. The Polygraph Millionaire is just like other average auto trading softwares that generates few random trades that will wipe out your account just in an hour. It claims to be offering $7000 profits everyday. Now this sounds quite unrealistic. Interestingly the video has got no proof to offer in this regard.


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