Prizm Tech Review- A Straight Scam Busted!!! Honest PrizmTech APP Review

Best Crypto Signals Software Review

Prizm Tech Review- A Straight Scam Busted!!! Honest PrizmTech APP Review

The Prizm Tech Software Scam or Legit!!!

Can the PrizmTech API Key Yield or Another Fake Story?

The Prizm Tech is a new autotrading scam that is being promoted by carefully written unsolicited email. The Prizm Tech software created by Richard Squire, claims to be a unique option robot with an outstanding winning rate that have never been seen with any auto-robot since the inception of auto binary technology. Binary option trading is a big challenge for all those who lack the knowledge. This is why the new traders need to be pretty careful when they select an automated binary software. Well most traders get enticed by scams like the PrizmTech system. However we are always at the service of providing detailed review of fake organizations like the that are out there to get rid of innocent traders their hard earned money.

Note: An alternative to these Prizm Tech Scam is the OptionRobot ( Review)

Prizm Tech APP Scam

Note: Shun This Prizm Tech App scam and Opt for professional autotraders

Prizm Tech API- Trusted or Bogus

The Prizm Technology claims to be the only automated binary with the Golden API Key to profitable binary options trading and thus boost of 85% win rate. The alleged Squire went ahead to spit out more lies by claiming that the absence of this original API key in literally other auto traders is the reason while these trading systems failed to properly integrate with the broker and thus will generate only random trades that are not profitable. Well at these point we must say that the people behind the Prizm Tech Software barely have knowledge about binary trading. The are just out to sale their bogus story to inexperienced traders who doesn’t no anything about stock trading.The API concept is weird and highly unacceptable because their is utterly no relationship between options trading and API Key. thus we are warning innocent traders to stay far away from the Prizm Technology software if the trader doesn’t want to loose his money.

How Much Does the Prizm Tech Cost

The video of Prizm Tech states that the auto Prizm Tech Software is free. However, it does not seem to be true. Usually these scam systems have an association with scam brokers. The investor has to make a hefty deposit to get access to the system so the investor should not take the risk at all if he values his future. The investor will end up in a lot of mess if he decides to choose this system

Fake Testimonials

Prinz Tech Scam-fake Testimonials

Note: Shun This Prizm Tech App scam and Opt for the optimal performing robots

The Prizm Tech app website is full of misleading testimonials. Well the investor needs genuine insight and the testimonials will not help the trader much. The investor has to learn trading through his own individual experience and should not rely on the opinion of others for help. The fake presenters are revealing unrealistic profit figures in the video. The reason is that they intend to lure the investor to opt for this system.

No Demo

Another setback of Prizm Tech is that it does not offer a demo. Thus this is also a negative point about this system. When the demo is there the trader gets a chance to explore the system. However, this is not the case with Prizm Tech trading tool. Thus the trader will put a lot on the line if he decides to choose this trading bot.

Prizm Tech autotrader ExposedPrismTech Research

Note: Shun This Prizm Tech App scammer and Opt for professional autotraders

Mr Squire claims that his Prizm Tech robot is the original trader and has been in inception since 2007. But being in these industry for long time we never encountered any such trading app. Thus our team went further to do a simple domain research. Boom! What we found was ridiculous as the Prizm Tech was only registered a year ago and was updated for the Prizm Tech scam programme about 2 months ago.

Conclusion and  Verdict: The Prizm Tech Is an Annoying Scam!!! Please Avoid it.

Similar Scams exposed include SnapCAsh Binary, Polygraph Millionaire and Codefibo


What is the right move for the investor?

The right strategy is that a trader should never opt for a system without exploring it. If the demo is not there then the trader should drop the idea of opting for such a system right away because otherwise the trader will lose a lot of money and this is something that no trader will want at all.OptionRobot trading free account

It is always better to have a detailed communication with the system prior to the sign up. This way the trader will know if he is choosing the right trading platform or not. The Prizm Tech App can never secure the future of the trader so the trader should not make the mistake of giving preference to this system.

The investor should list down his questions and once those questions have been answered then he should sign up with the system. This way the trader will not have to worry about anything at all and he will be able to secure his trading future.

The investor should also check if the website offers detailed information about the system. If the information is not there then it is a big scam indicator and the trader has to be careful with his choice if he does not want a loss coming his way.

The final conclusion is that the trader should refrain from choosing the PrizmTech software or else he will be in for a lot of trouble. This trading system can never get profits for the trader and the investor has to understand this aspect so you must choose an original binary software.

It is always better to do research prior to signing up with a system. This will be the smart approach and this way the trader will not end up with a loss. The investor should clarify his trading concepts too so that he does not end up opting for a scam like the Prizm Tech.

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