Neo2 is a Scam ; Neo 2 Square Software Scam Review; Get the Facts

Best Crypto Signals Software Review

Neo2 is a Scam ; Neo 2 Square Software Scam Review; Get the Facts

Neo2 Software Scam or Not

Detailed Review

This is a review alert on Neo2 Software, a viral scam concocted by group of intelligent scammers and the well known Michael Freeman. A dud signals provider and a vendor of a variety of dirty Binary Option Robot scams, this common crook had decided to bolster his faltering fortunes by joining force with more successful scammers. First he recruited two fake Russian scientists who own the Gold Digger scam, and now he has added to his team a weatherman, Jack Piers the self acclaimed Ceo of Neo2 App who claims to be able to predict movements in the currency market with binary option robot for weather forecast, what a Madness!

Note: A good alternative to this Neo2 scam is the Review)

Neo2 Review

Major media outlets like The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have never mentioned anything about this scam software!

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Neo2 Review: What the are not tellling you

Now before investing money in a trading system, the investor wants to know the truth. However, it is not really that easy to find the truth about an option robot so the investor needs to look for key parameters to find the reality of a trading system. The best clue is to have a look at some promotional content about the system. The better approach will be to look at the sales video.

A credible trading system should not sell fake dreams. This is the first clue to finding the reality. However, the video of Neo2 software presents a different picture entirely. They are hiding the reality from people who want to invest in binary option. Now the video says that a trader can earn money by using a binary robot that uses weather predictions.  isn’t rediculous!

It is an established fact that Binary Trading is a High Risk Trade. Just like the markets, weather prediction is not point accurate. Well weather can affect price movement but the truth is that weather is among the least factors to consider while predicting asset movement. Thus focusing the algorithm of a binary options robot on weather prediction is highly unacceptable. However, it is not that easy to design an auto trading system that works on the concepts of weather prediction. This is another clue that the investor has to watch out.

A genuine trading App sets in realistic dreams and goals for the traders. Usually it is quite hard to sell fake trading bots to the experienced traders because they know their job and do not get fooled so easily, but it is a different story with the new traders and they do fall for these traps. The best clue for the trader in this scenario is he should keep the facts into consideration while making in an investment.

Neo2 Scam

There are no tangible information and there is definitely no individual named Dr. Jack Piers, PhD connected with NEO2 anywhere online except for the numerous scam reviews of the software. Who Knows whether this guy went to college.

Scam Brokers

To reinforce my Neo2 scam review, it is important to note that the “recommended” brokers used by these the Neo2 scam software are mostly notorious scam brokers, in particular, UK Options, led by a shameless liar, Sean Park. As the old saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. So here you have it, a gang of unscrupulous thieves and crooks putting their filthy heads together to work out ways to deceive the public, corrupt the industry and rip off those hard-working people who can least afford it.

Another logical thought, if a team has coded this software and it rakes in such money then why share it?, they could simply generate their own fortunes without sharing it, why let the cat out the bag?. Rather like those scams such as “How to Win the Lottery”, “10 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire in 6 Months” and so forth. If somebody was supposedly successful they would not be arsed with publishing a book on how to do it unless it was a genuine business plan which had real legs.

Michael Freeman Neo 2 App Scam

Neo2 Software

Well Mike freeman has a foremost binary options facebook page and I think in the past he has had his heart in the right place. His facbook group was fantastic for trading. Not until he launched his first auto trader wasn’t very good at all. Many traders lost their money on it in a very short amount of time. And just because he has something to do with Neo2 does not mean the trader has to go blindly into it.

The trader has to treat it like any other software and checkout for real reviews from traders. Most have had their account wiped out in a day and few traders are just breaking even.

Yes Mike is a respectable man in binary industry. He owns numerous websites where he review scam brokers. But one thing am not sure is why Mike would be dealing with a broker who he has said is a scam broker in one of his review sites. Everyone knows that mike is a mentor but its your money do your home work don’t just believe that everything about Neo2  scam software is legit just because Michael Freeman is involved.

Neo2 Testimonials is Fake

The Neo2 scam video shows the names of those investors who have been able to earn through binary options trading. In reality, this is not true. This is just about setting the stage to trap a potential investor who does not have a clue about earning money through binary options.

The Neo2 scam trading system is all about reading the psyche of the trader and playing the perfect mind game with the investor. The Neo2 video is unable to answer any questions that may come to the mind of the trader. Thus this is a big concern for any potential investor who wishes to earn.

Neo2 APP

We researched these websites and found out that not only do these guys NOT work for them or represent them, but there is no place where the Neo2 scam system is mentioned in the websites.


Note: Neo 2 is a scam and it is best to try reliable trading softwares.

Neo2 website pointing towards a scam

Now anyone would wonder how a website can help an investor identify a scam. The answer is quite simple. The outlook of the website will answer many things. Though the website of Neo2 scam looks professional but when a trader looks at the website of Neo2 closely then many potential questions are not answered.

The website of Neo 2 software is fake. If the investor bothers to watch the sales video of Neo2 software then it is just a waste of time and the trader will not get anything out of this activity at the end of the day.

Usually a real website discusses the features of a trading system. However, they are missing as well when the investor looks at the website of Neo2. This means that the investor has to be on his guard. There is so much useless information on the website.

There are About us and FAQ links. But when the trader clicks on it, he/she is redirected back to the Home page. When the pages are just not available then this means that these are graphic techniques meant to entice the trader and fool the trader into believing that the system is credible.

Similar Scams Exposed Includes Codefibo App, Quantum Code, Profits Eternity and SnapCash Binary

What the investor should be asking for?

The investor should ask and sign up with those systems that offer real help. Now the real help is a demo because the trader can know the reality about a system through a demo. The trader will know exactly whether the system is worth it or not after trying the demo so the investor has to be careful.

The demo will give an insight to the trader. Usually the potential flaws of a trading system like Neo2 will be magnified when the investor tries out the demo so this should give the trader a reason to think.

Secondly, the trader should make wise decisions about making the deposit. Remember even $200 or $250 is a big amount if the trading system is not reliable. This means that that $200 to $250 will go waste if the trader does not make wiser choices and he will end up in trouble.

Why it is important to shun Neo2 software?

If the traders keep signing up with fake trading systems like Neo2 then these systems will prosper and will set in new traps for the traders. This means that the trouble for a potential trader will increase with every passing day because he will be surrounded by fake trading bots.

Let’s come to the conclusion now. Just avoid Neo2. It is very important to choose the binary bots that have clear concepts about binary option trading. If the concepts are missing then the trader has to start with deciphering those concepts and then only switch to auto trading.

Considered as one of the best auto-trading systems:


Even with auto trading the investor should opt for reliable trading softwares. The bad news is that there are very few reliable trading softwares, but the good news is that it is not impossible to find the real trading software as well. However, Neo2 should never be the choice of any investor.

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