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Is it True that Golden Paradigm is a Scam! Fake guarantees and Testimonials

It is not quite easy to make decent amount of money in binary options, if you are inexperienced and lack the basic strategies for options trade. Also, it is worst and frustrating when innocent traders are scammed by Binary Option Robot systems like the Golden paradigm scam bot. This system claims to change the destiny of potential traders overnight.

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This misconception planted by scam systems like the Golden Paradigm autotrading option robot is not true in real live. In real life trading, your most important asset is your basic skill and previous experience of binary options trade.

If the investor does not understand binary option trading then he cannot be successful with trading whether it is manual or auto trading.

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Golden Paradigm Scam vs BinaryOptionsRobot Trading Software

FeaturesGolden ParadigmBinaryOptionRobot
Launched 20162013
Money Back GuaranteeNoYes
Customer SupportPoorFantastic
Training WebinarsNoYes
Vip AccountNoGet VIP Acceess

Golden Paradigm Scam Exposed

Golden Paradigm claims that traders can easily earn $978.63 per hour

Now Golden Paradigm is setting unrealistic standards. It claims that the investor can easily earn $978.63 per hour. This amount does not sound real. Usually, it takes years of consistent work for a trader to make his mark through binary option trading. This is not true and and an attempt to lead the trader to doom. The investor should ensure that he does not fall for this trap and understand the true motive of the maker of the system.

The system makes use of unknown integrated brokers.

The website of Golden Paradigm states that the investor can use the integrated broker. However, there is one important question and that is if this system uses a reliable broker then why is the name of the broker not mentioned on the website. If they are using a dependable broker then this can help to win the goodwill of the trader. However, the suspicious act is that the name of the broker is probably not mentioned on Golden Paradigm website because it is a clear cut scam.

The Truth ExposedGolden-Paradigm scam1

Every bot needs basic experience of trading by the investor to make a mark.The owner of the Golden paradigm system mentioned that the system does not need any experience. This is a pure piece of lie because trading is all about experience. The trader learn to spot the weakness in his/her trading strategies with the passage of time. Golden Paradigm should not give an unrealistic picture to the trader because whether it is auto trading or manual trading, the investor does need experience so the platform should not fool the trader.


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Golden Paradigm website states that this trading bot is compatible on all the devices. Well if a scam trading bot is compatible on different websites then this will not do any good to the trader.
fake testimonials
The pictures of people who are earning through the platform are shown on the website. Now there is no surety whether these people have actually earned through Golden Paradigm or not. There may be a possibility that the pictures are just posted on the website so the trader should not get carried away and needs to think realistically. Golden Paradigm cannot just change the trader’s destiny for the better in no time and the investor needs to understand this fact if he wants to be successful.

Golden Paradigm Scam doesn’t offer support to unregistered members

The golden paradigm customer support is only available to registered members. The main reason these scammers don’t offer customer support to potential members is that the are afraid that their scam may be revealed to potential traders. They are aware that potential users might ask questions that they might find difficult to reply. potential investors should be wise and should never yield to system where he/she does not get exclusive support.


Note: Avoid the scam trading bots and opt for credible trading bots.

Golden Paradigm Scammer- Fake badges!

Does Golden Paradigm website have badges? Yes! However,this badges are non-clickable. When visitors click on these badges, he/she is not redirected to they right owners of these badges. This is a common scam technique used by known scammers to create a misleading picture of credibility and to gain trust of potential investors. The investor needs to be vigilant, if he wants to make a decent amount.

The Golden Paradigm failed to disclose deposit amount to traders
Website of Golden Paradigm states that the trader has to simply sign up, register with the platform and he can start earning. The makers missed out an important fact. The failed to mention the deposit amount that will be required to activate the trading bot.

The reason is that when the trader makes a deposit to Golden Paradigm then his money is gone forever and potential investors needs to bear this in mind. Their common preys are the new and inexperienced traders who lack basic understanding about binary option trading. They feel that all automated systems can perform miracles and change the destiny for them.

Golden Paradigm: Can auto pilot really work?

The answer is that if an investor trades with reliable trading systems that are trustworthy, then auto-pilot does work because these trading systems have a sound trading automation that have the capability to spot the profit making opportunities.

However, if potential traders go for a trading system like Golden Paradigm then they will not let the trader know about the in depth working of the system because their system cannot mitigate the risks. this is why potential traders are advised to make use of their discretion, when opting for algorithmic systems. Secondly, the trader needs to understand the autopilot mechanism when choosing the trading bots, hence the need to have basic knowledge of binary options.

If the investor understands the concept of auto trading then this can turn out to be a learning experience for the investor. However Golden Paradigm is nothing, but a lie and potential investors really understand this fact if he wants to be successful in the long run. The trader needs to act smart if he truly wants to earn at the end of the day. This will be the wise move on the part of the trader. This way he can save himself from significant trouble.

Don’t opt for Golden Paradigm 30day free trial

Golden Paradigm offers a free 30 day free trial. please do not be deceived by because there are true chances that this will not help the trader in the first place. in the trial period, the trader has access to limited features so the potential trader will not be able to spot the truth with so ease. This is just a fake statement just to impress the trader and there are no true benefits for the investor in real live.

How Golden paradigm scammer deceive investors

If you sign up with Golden Paradigm, you will have to open a binary options trading account with one of their integrated brokers and deposit at least $250. And this will earn these scammers commission. And if you then let Golden paradigm software trade your account, you will lose your hard earned money. This is how many binary options scam systems make their money.

Judge Golden Paradigm yourself

At this point the investor should be wandering about the way forward. The pathway is simple. Have patient! The investor needs to start probing systems like Golden Paradigm scam by looking at the website. He will get to see many signs if the system is not real. He should then register and send an email to Golden Paradigm. The investor needs to evaluate and analyse the responses he gets. He needs to see whether he gets the response on time.

This is a very important way to judge the credibility of the system. If he gets unsatisfactory replies then it clearly shows that the software is a scam and they are hiding their flaws from potential investors. The trader has to be wise in this situation and needs to make use of his/her discretion before making a move. This will be the right step on the part of the trader and this way he can avoid a scam coming his way.

Online trading is not as easy as some investors think and it is worst when traders are scammed. Say no to scam systems like Golden Paradigm system and learn some binary options strategies on manual platforms before transferring to automated system in order to fill in the loopholes in algorithm trading. Alternatively you can opt for scam free trading bots from the list of our recommended trading tools.

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