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Binadroid scam review: highligting the real truth

Binary option is very tough. However many Option Robot scam systems like the Binadroid App, makes it look very easy to investors by creating bogus story on how the will turn investors into millionaires in just an hour even without any prior knowledge about binary options trading.

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Troy Everett is the brainchild behind this Binadroid App scam that is about to rip potential investors of their hard earned money. A suitable alternative to this scam is Binary Option Robot(Visit site)

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Troy Everett Binadroid App Scam Review


Binadroid App allows only 60secs, 120 secs and 300secs

Short term trading in binary options is more risky than long term trade because it doesn’t give room for normal market fluctuations to stabilize. Most genuine option robot are more flexible when it comes to settings. This allows the experienced investor to maximally configure there bots for possible profit. The reason why Troy Everett App allows for only short term trade is a very big scam signal and shows that the are out to deceive inexperienced investors to doom.

Binadroid App operates on a weird mechanism

Evereth claims that his software operates by sorting the highest performing accounts in binary options trade with help of an undisclosed ranking system, which tracks past performance. This is not possible in reality because all reputable binary options brokers protect they accounts of their investors using site-locks which prevent unauthorized access to these trading account. How Evereth App accesses these accounts needs more elaboration.
Proceed to safety: shun these scam systems and go for scam free trading robots!

Everett plays the mind game

Binadroid App maker claims that the Binadroid is free for 150 people, later it allegedly will be sold for $2,500. This is just an old trick used by most scam systems to make potential investors especially those who cant afford the amount to feel that the are about to miss a very big lifetime free opportunity to
make big income. Binadroid App wants to seduce this investors to open free account and then fund it with minimum deposit of $250 which the will eventually loose.

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Fake actor in the Binadroid App video

Troy Everett is a fictitious character played by a Fiverr actor. But not only that, this guy also supported at least one other binary options scam, he played the role of Patrick Quinn in Spectre System, see picture below.


We tried to gather information about Troy Everett but we could not. the question is how can someone with such story have no social details. He just came up from nowhere with his bogus story on how he will turn everybody millionaires overnight using the Binadroid App

Binadroid App story is fake and here we have the proof that is just another binary options scam.
Prooceed to safety: say no to this scams and opt for scam free trading tools

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How Binadroid App scam investors

If you sign up with BinadroidApp, you will have to open a binary options trading account with one of their brokers and deposit at least $250. And this will earn these scammers commission. And if you then let Binadroid App trade your account, you will lose your deposit. This is how binary options scam systems make their money.

Judge Binadroid App yourself

The investor needs to start probing systems like Binadroid App by looking at the website. He will get to see many signs if the system is not real. He should then send an email to Binadroid. The investor needs to evaluate and analyse the responses he gets. He needs to see whether he gets the response on time.

This is a very important way to judge the credibility of the system. If he gets unsatisfactory replies then it clearly shows that the software is a scam and they are hiding information from the investor. The trader has to be vigilant in this situation and needs to think hard before making his move. This will be the right step on the part of the trader and this way he can avoid a scam coming his way.

Binary options is not as easy as some investors think. Say no to scam systems like Binadroid App and learn some binary options strategies on manual platforms before transferring to automated system. Alternatively you can opt for scam free trading bots from the list of our recommended trading tools.


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