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Exclusive: cloud trader scam review! Revealing the truth.

Due to increased popularity of investors using automated trading systems, there have been a problem of increased proliferation of Option Robot scam systems and one such trading system is Cloud Trader founded by Mathew Shepherd.
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After a careful review and investigations of the facts we found the main problem in Mathew Shepherd’s system to be lack of transparency, and in our eyes that is one of the most tangible indications of fraudulent and criminal activity. A very suitable alternative to cloud trader system is the BinaryoptionRobot. Check out the Best Binary Options Robots

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Mathew Shepherd Cloud Trader Scam review: Revealing the Untold Truth

Mathew Shepherd stated on Cloud Trader website that the investor can make $1250 a day. It is not really that easy as it sounds. Trading is one tough job and usually difficult for  newbies to earn so easily. The investor will have to strive to earn a decent amount.

cloud profit

Proceed to safety: Shun scam systems and go for reliable trading tools.

Mathew Shepherd Cloud Trader System lacks transparency

One of the biggest flaws of Mathew Shepherd system is inability to show investors how the software operate. All they let you see is the Cloudtrader logo plastered on a broker. This is not a mark of trustworthiness. normally even the low rated Auto-trading softwares will actually show you how the platform works and how it appears in real trading activity because they understand the importance of transparency. Mathew Shepherd is deliberately trying to hide the software, and with a reason. Someone who has good trading systems will want to show them for the whole world to see, but these guys are doing exactly the opposite so this is basically a cover up attempt.

When the investor looks at the website of Cloud Trader then he will notice a statement on the website that says that risk is minimum and the trader will get all the guides and the tools for trading. Well the better approach should have been that the details of these guides should have been listed on the website. This would have made things easier for the trader. Offering guides is a major perk, but if it is not there then this means that the trader has got something to hide. Thus the investor needs to be careful on his part.

Cloud Trader forces traders to sign up with an unknown broker

the maker of cloud trader website doesn’t allow you continue past the first page unless you enter your full contact details including password and phone number. That is because the you are not registering for the software as implied. In reality you are signing up for a broker, and you can’t even know which one it is until you have completed the signup process.

Cloud trader operating on 82 servers is meaningless for trading.

Mathew Shepherd, CEO of Cloud Trader saying on the Cloud Trader website that this trading system has 82 servers calls for explanation. The question is how these servers can play a crucial role in accurate trading. These vague statements are not enough and the Cloud Trader system needs to give a sound proof of what it states otherwise this information does not mean anything at all to the investor

The investor  has to opt in for a trading system that can place the trades in a reliable way and lays out a transparent strategy for trading. The investor should not opt in for this system without knowing the truth.

No element of reliability in Cloud Trader signals

Mathew Shepherd states that it offers both manual and auto signals. The signals do not hold value unless they have the element of reliability so the investor needs to check this out and the trader should only opt in for a system that can promise the element of reliability to the signal

Even when the trader receives the signals from a platform those signals need to be evaluated and then the trader should place the trades after using his discretion. This will be the right move on the part of the trader and can save the investor from significant trouble.

Mathew Shepherd’s Cloud Trader website website lacks contactinformation

mathew shepherd did not mention any details for contact in the cloud trader website band this is the most important scam signal. The reason is that if a platform does not mentioned a point of contact then there has to be a reason and the investor needs to review this aspect clearly because it is a clear flaw.

Cloud Trader is truly a bad option and the investor should not take the risk of wasting his hard earned money on this flawed system. Mathew Shepherd wants the trader to sign up with the system without providing the contact information to the investor. The trader needs to think smart and refrain from signing up from this system by all means.

Cloud trader software does not have a demo account

Usually demo account acces is a very important features of genuine systems and never offered by scam systems because they are aware that they are selling fake trading softwares. With the demo account, the investor will get to know the truth in a short time and that is something that the fake systems do not want. They can go any length to hide reality. Even if the demo gives restricted access it will not be tough for the trader to find the truth if he is a bit experienced with trading so these scam systems never take the risk at all.

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Judge Cloud Trader yourself

The trader needs to start probing a platform like Cloud Trader by looking at the website. He will get to see many signs if the system is not real. He should then send an email to the software. The trader needs to evaluate and analyse the responses he gets. He needs to see whether he gets the response on time.

This is a very important way to judge the credibility of the software. If he gets unsatisfactory replies then it clearly shows that the software is a scam and they are hiding details from the investor. The trader has to be vigilant in this situation and needs to think hard before making his move. This will be the right step on the part of the trader and this way he can avoid a scam coming his way.

finally, A criminal always tries to hide the truth and hide behind lies. We wholeheartedly recommend you stay as far away from Mathew shepherd cloud trader system as humanly possible and opt for those softwares that are reliable.


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